Welcome to the brand new website for Leeds Domestic Violence service, the local authority-commissioned service for all people in Leeds affected by domestic violence and abuse.

This site draws together key information on domestic violence and abuse and how to get support from LDVS and other services, both local and national.

It hosts detailed information on: how to get support, on what LDVS support might look like, and for professionals on how to refer into the service, including a new online referral form, as well as the existing downloadable form.

The site also includes in-depth information on understanding the signs of domestic violence and abuse, a set of stories from victims-survivors we have worked with; and a number of comprehensive resources from external organisations for victims-survivors; people supporting loved ones affected by domestic violence and abuse; and professionals working with victims-survivors.

We hope this site proves a helpful new one-stop shop to get key information about domestic violence and abuse support in Leeds. If you have any partners, contacts, clients or loved ones that might find the site helpful, please share widely.