Drop in Service


We run regular, discreet drop-in services across the city. No appointment is necessary for these – you can just call in. You don’t need to give your name or any other information about you. Our drop-in worker will offer confidential emotional and practical support, including information about your rights and space to talk through your options.

Our drop-in services are open to all women.

For more information about where the drop-ins are held, please call the helpline on 0113 246 0401 or email us on [email protected].

Below is a short step-by-step guide of what coming to our drop-ins might be like. The Frequently Asked Questions in the drop-down boxes give more in-depth detail about our drop-in service.


24 Hour Helpline

0113 246 0401

Accessing our support and next steps

You can access this service by contacting the LDVS 24-hour helpline on 0113 246 0401 or emailing us at [email protected]

We will be able to tell you the locations and times of dropins via our helpline. We can also talk to you about which of our drop-ins are appointment-based and which you can just turn up to during opening times.

Once we have shared the information with you, there is no pressure to attend. You can take time to think about whether you would like to come along.

At the drop-in, a trained support worker will talk through your situation with you at your own pace in a private one-to-one space. Please read below for more details.

“I did not recognise the abuse because it was not physical. I first attended a drop-in centre… then I met my Community Domestic Violence Team worker. I am so grateful to this day for all the support”

Lydia, Seacroft


How can I access this service?

Our drop-in service is advertised on our website but to find out our locations and times you will need to contact our helpline via phone or email. Some of our drop-ins are appointment-based whereas others you can just turn up to in between set times. We can organise this with you on the phone or via email so you can know what to expect when you turn up.

Who can access this service?

Our drop-in services are women-only. All women are welcome to come along and will be supported in a way that works for them.

What happens once I have been referred into / accessed this service? What does the kind of help I will get look like?

Our drop-in worker will talk through your situation with you in a private one-to-one space. Much like our helpline, you can go at your own pace. If you would just like to chat through what is going on for you right now, that is completely fine.

The worker will also be able to go through all your options regarding support from LDVS. If you would like to refer into LDVS, they can do that with you. If you need a referral to an external agency or an appointment to see a solicitor, for example, the worker can complete that with you too.

Sometimes people also want to go away and think more before making up their mind about whether they want support. You are more than welcome to arrange to come back and see the worker once you have made that decision.

Who will I work with? Will anyone else be informed that I am working with this service?

You will be seen by one of our trained drop-in workers and if you need some short-term support from us then they will be your main contact. We will only let someone else know you are working with us if we need to make a referral to an outside agency or a referral is made to safeguarding.

Can I come back to see the same drop-in worker?

This may be possible and we can try to organise this for you. However, we have a number of workers who specialise in the drop-ins so each week there may be different people. All of our workers are experienced, non-judgemental and well trained so no matter who you see you will always get expert advice and support.

How long will the support last for?

This will depend on whether or not you want a referral into the service. If the worker makes a referral into LDVS for you, we will asses your case and talk with you about which part of our service can offer the best support for you.

If we make an external referral to a different service or agency for you, the drop-in worker will keep in touch with you until that support is in place.

I am worried about my safety when attending a drop-in. How can you support with this?

We totally understand your concerns and will do our best to help you feel more safe to attend. If you contact the helpline before attending a drop-in, then you would be given safety advice around coming along to a drop-in.

If attending a drop-in doesn’t feel right, safe or possible for you, we will talk to you about different routes to getting support.

I need help now

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How we can help

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