For Professionals

If you are supporting someone affected by domestic violence or abuse, you can refer them to Leeds Domestic Violence Service using our referral form.

How to complete this referral:

By completing this referral form, you’re helping us to make contact with the client as safely and quickly as possible. Please note: You need to obtain the consent of the individual before making a referral for support.

We’d appreciate it if you could include as much information as possible – this saves the client from being asked the same questions twice and helps us to understand more about their particular needs and circumstances.

24 Hour Helpline

0113 246 0401

How to submit this referral:

You can complete this referral form below by downloading the form and emailing it to: [email protected] via secure email.

If you do not have a secure email account or have any other questions about our service or making a referral, please contact the Access & Assessment Team on 0113 246 0401.

Eligibility criteria for this service:

Before making the referral, please make sure the client is affected by and/or fleeing domestic violence or abuse. This can include stalking, honour-based violence, forced marriage and/or female genital mutilation.

In terms of location of clients, the IDVA Service can support clients living outside of Leeds if the incident took place in Leeds. Refuge will accept referrals from outside of Leeds. For all other services clients must reside in Leeds to be eligible for support.

Accompanying documents:

Please attach the following documents to this referral, if completed: Safe Lives DASH/MARAC Paperwork

*Please complete all sections of this form to enable the referral to be processed as quickly as possible

Printable Version

Here you can download and print the referral form.

Resources for professionals


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