The Domestic Violence and Abuse Voices Project is part of the LDVS service and is commissioned by Leeds City Council. The project works to engage victim-survivors in decision making within domestic abuse services.

The Voices Project is for victim-survivors who are no longer in a domestic abuse environment. It works with participants in various ways, including groups, workshops with key decision makers, or 1-1 with their support workers.

The Voices Project has four dedicated teams to engage with women, men, children and the LGBT+ communities. Working with these groups enables a clear understanding of the different challenges that different people face and the insights gained are then used to improve and shape services. This helps victim-survivors feel empowered, listened to and part of real change for the future.

This video features the voice of a participant from the women’s groups providing tips for staff working with victim-survivors of domestic abuse. The advice is based on real experiences and insights gained from victim-survivors across the Voices Project groups.

The following video features voices of participants from the Voices Project who recently met with senior police personnel to share experiences and create change for future victim-survivors.

To learn more about the Voices Project, please contact Nicola Marlow at: [email protected]