Yasmin’s Story


Yasmin* (not her real name) contacted LDVS after being encouraged to do so by her social worker when she disclosed that she had been experiencing physical, psychological and financial abuse from her husband for many years.  Yasmin and her husband had moved to the UK outside Europe and Yasmin needed help to confirm her immigration status.  She had fled the family home with her children and was staying in temporary accommodation. 

The Community DV practitioner supported Yasmin to access appointments with a specialist immigration solicitor which led to her immigration status being confirmed so that she could access housing and benefits.  They also supported Yasmin through the Child Protection process, working closely with her and her social worker

The Community DV team provided support with Yasmin’s housing application and supported her through the bidding process.  They worked with Yasmin on a safety plan to ensure she felt safe at home and while out and about.  With help from the Community DV team, Yasmin was able to access benefits and seek employment. 

Yasmin has now moved to a new property and the address is not known to her ex-partner so she and her children remain safe.  When she was offered a property the Community DV team were able to make referrals for Yasmin to local organisations who could assist with furniture and white goods for her new home.

Following support from LDVS, Yasmin is in a much better place.  Her confidence and mental well-being have significantly improved and she is now in employment.


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