Louise’s Story


Louise* (not her real name) was referred to LDVS after experiencing domestic abuse from her ex-partner for several years and reporting it to the police.  Louise gave her permission for her details to be passed to LDVS so we could contact her and offer our support.

The police had charged Louise’s ex-partner with various offences and the IDVA team were able to support her through the criminal justice process and with other practical safety measures, such as additional security on her house.

Throughout the criminal process, the IDVA team were able to keep Louise updated with court hearing dates, informed her of the bail conditions and submitted a request to court that a Restraining Order be granted to provide ongoing protection when the criminal case was completed.  Louise’s ex-partner was convicted of the offences and was given a Community Order and a Restraining Order was granted to prevent him from contacting her.

Since the Restraining Order was issued however, Louise’s ex-partner continued to harass her, causing her a lot of distress.  This was reported to the police and he was charged with Breach of Restraining Order.  Again, the IDVA team were able to support Louise during the court process.  The criminal case went to trial and the IDVA was able to go to court with Louise on the day of the trial and was on hand to provide emotional and practical support.  Her ex-partner was convicted and given a custodial sentence.


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