Ana’s Story


Ana* (not her real name) had experienced stalking and harassment from her ex-partner for several years.  She had reported this to the police and her social worker daily.  The abuse Ana was experiencing was having a huge impact on both her and her children.  Ana also contacted the LDVS 24 Hour Helpline for help and advice and she accepted support from our IDVA team. 

The IDVA was able to advocate with the police on Ana’s behalf to look collectively at the many incidents she had reported to them rather than looking at each one individually.  This meant that the police built up a fuller picture of the abuse which Ana was experiencing and as a result, her ex-partner was charged with harassment offences.  The IDVA kept in close contact with Ana, keeping her up to date with what was happening with the criminal court case and explaining the process.  Ana’s ex-partner eventually pleaded guilty to the charges and a Restraining Order was granted by the court as part of his sentence to offer her long-term protection.

Although initial support was centred around Ana, the IDVA was also able to link in with Ana’s children’s social worker to work together to keep both Ana and her children safe. 



24 Hour Helpline

0113 246 0401