Maya’s Story 


Maya* (not her real name) contacted LDVS as she had separated from her ex-partner after experiencing abuse from him over several years.  Despite separating, her ex-partner continued to harass and try to control her, particularly in relation to seeing their children.

When Maya first attended the LDVS Support Group, she was very low in confidence and self-esteem.  While at the sessions, Maya listened to the experiences and insights shared by the other victims-survivors in the group.  When she came to groups, she told us that she had tried some of the techniques and ideas she had learned in previous weeks. 

During the time Maya attended group sessions, she built her confidence back up and felt able to share her experiences of the abuse from her ex-partner.  At one session, she was excited to tell us that she had felt confident enough to stand up and say no to him for the first time. 

Attending the LDVS Support Group reduced Maya’s feelings of isolation and distress.  After attending several sessions, she talked more openly about the abuse she was subjected to by her ex-partner and has benefitted from the validation of sharing her experiences with the group.

Maya’s confidence continued to grow and she felt strong enough to return to work.  She has a support network of other group attendees and knows how to she can contact LDVS again at any time if she needs to.


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